Finding A Good Housekeeper

“Santa Barbara cleaning services are plentiful, so finding a reliable, economically priced housekeeper can be challenging. How does one go about narrowing the field of possible house keeping services to make a good decision? Here is a list of several consideration to keep in mind in the search for cleaning services in Santa Barbara .”

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First the nuts and bolts:

1. Bonded and Licensed: Is the housekeeping service current on all of its licenses and bonds? Each housekeeping services company is responsible to be up to date on all local and state business licenses and should carry bonding insurance to protect a client in the event of an accident. Additionally, the Santa Barbara house cleaning company should carry workers compensation coverage to prevent the homeowner from becoming liable in an injury to anyouse maids on the job. If this cannot be verified in writing – remove the company from the list and keep looking.

2. Billing and Pricing: Are the housekeeping rates and fees plainly stated in a straightforward and easy to determine fashion? If the fee structure of the house keeping services to be provided by the housemaids are hard to follow and complicated then it stands to reason that the bill will be just as confusing. Choose housekeepers with easy to understand approaches to invoicing. The cost to get a clean house should not be outlandish either. Look for ahousemaid service that has highly competitive rates while providing proven service over time.

The Customer/Community Approach:

1. Commitment to the Customer: All good house keeping companies will have strong customer service commitments. They will be committed to doing the work of housekeeping with the utmost attention to detail. The good housekeeper will do the work on a timely basis while doing it speedily as well. Well trained and efficient housekeepers are able to move through your home quickly while maintaining high-quality work and paying attention to the details.

2. Getting the Job Done: The best housekeepers get the job done before they leave. They will be sure you are satisfied before moving on the next work. This is an important commitment to the customer. They will also provide their own housekeeping equipment and supplies for the job. There should be no need of the customer to provide any item for the work to be done.

3. The good housekeeping company is also a good community member, contributing back into the community where they earn their income. This local commitment also is evident in that the housekeeper is interested in the local organizations and charities.

Remember, with so many choices out there, it will take a little research to see the cream rise to the surface. Invest a little time in perusing the websites of the companies that appear to be rising and see which company makes the most sense when looked at through this list of characteristics. A good housekeepers is a valuable part of your weekly home maintenance. The care in this selection will pay for itself continually.

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