Vacation Rental Cleaning

Our VACATION RENTAL CLEANING provides general cleaning of your vacation rental property. All the following are included if reachable standing on the floor.

Dust vertical and horizontal surfaces such as furniture, window sills, and light fixtures.

Remove trash and replace liners.Straighten all areas being cleaned.

Change sheets.Vacuum all exposed uncarpeted and carpeted floors and upholstered furniture and blinds.

-Clean glass and mirrors.Clean all counters and spot clean faces of cabinets.

-Wipe exterior of large and small appliances.

-Clean/sanitize sinks, tubs, showers, toilets.

-Mop all exposed uncarpeted floors.

-Remove all visible cobwebs.Sweep the front porch.

-Clean the patio/barbecueReplace all soaps and paper goods.

-Wipe out the inside of the refrigerator and cabinets as needed and dispose of any left food.

-Launder all sheets and towels.

-Make up all beds with clean sheets.

-Set out fresh towels in all bathrooms.

-Report any emergencies in the unit.

Also can provide upon request:

Provide guest baskets and/or fresh flowers. Stock the refrigerator. Take inventory of items in unit. Any DELUXE service can be added as item to the VACATION RENTAL Service. If you need help vacation rental cleaning, call the vacation cleanup maids at Rosie’s Cleaning 805-719-7385 a full service cleaning company.

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