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Don’t stress over that Halloween mess, Call Rosie at 805-698-3132

 Celebrate Halloween and we’ll clean up the mess!


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Celebrate Halloween and we’ll clean up the mess!

Don’t Stress Over that Halloween Mess, Call Rosie!

Halloween can be fun, but it can mean a lot of cleaning up afterward, too. Rosie’s Cleaning Service and our professional maids in Santa Barbara and Ventura can help with your Halloween party prep and serving needs, and after-party cleaning services, so go ahead and have a ghostly good time at your spook-tacular event.

Our Santa Barbara cleaning company has provided residential cleaning and commercial cleaning services since 1990. We have a team of maids in Santa Barbara who know what it takes to get a home looking great for fall and after Halloween parties.

If the ghosts and goblins have left your home looking a little haunted, here are a few Halloween cleaning tips to help get it clean and sparkly again:

  • Toilet paper: Maybe you thought it was a good idea to create a haunted forest with toilet paper, or maybe the neighborhood pranksters gave you a helping hand. In either case, don’t try to remove the toilet paper if it is wet from rain or morning dew. Let the sun dry it, and then use a long pole to remove it from the trees.
  • Chocolate: Did the fairy princess or Jedi warrior leave a chocolate stain on your new carpet? Use an ice cube to freeze the chocolate, and then scrape it off using a butter knife. After a test in an out-of-the way spot, pour some club soda on the stain and then lightly dab it with a lint-free white cloth. Finally rub a nail brush on a plain soap, like Ivory, until it becomes foamy and work on the stain some more from the outside in. You’ll want to dab off any loosened chocolate as you go, and then test and use rubbing alcohol if there is any oil spot remaining.
  • Pumpkin: If the gang got too enthusiastic during the Jack-o-Lantern contest, pick up any loose pulp and seeds with paper towels. Test and blot the area with white vinegar, and then sprinkle it with baking soda. Let the mixture dry for several hours, and then vacuum. You may want to use an enzyme-based stain remover that is specially formulated for carpets if you still have some areas that appear stained.

Make your life a little easier with a little Halloween help from Rosie’s. Give us a call and let our Santa Barbara maids do it all for you, from customized cleaning services, exterior cleaning and pressure washing, move-in and move-out cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and vacation rental cleaning.

VENTURA RESIDENT?  Ask us about our first time customer special for Ventura residents! We’re expanding our crew in your area, and have a special offer for Ventura residents.

Rosie and Team
Phone: 805-698-3132

P.S. Appliance repair partner:  Be sure to check in with our partner Burt Yost if you need appliance repair in Santa Barbara.  Now is a good time to have Burt check out your appliances before the Holiday season!

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About Rosie’s Cleaning Service: Rosie’s Cleaning Service has been the Santa Barbara cleaning experts since 1990. Services include residential cleaningcommercial cleaningafter party cleaningpost-construction clean-up service, and vacation rental clean-up service. Download “The Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose Rosie’s Cleaning.” “Like” us Facebook page for instant alerts on our 24hr flash sales. Call 805-242-8894 for a quick quote on Santa Barbara maid service.

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