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HOUSE CLEANING: What Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day

Dear Friends,

Why wait until Mother’s Day to treat your mom to something she will really love? Many moms would love to take the day off for Mother’s Day, but they know they still need to take care of the house and cook the meals.

You can solve this with a two-part gift – take your mom or spouse out to eat and hire our maid service to come in and deep clean your home for you. 

Your mom deserves a spotless house. You can give it to her without having to lift a finger to clean yourself. Our deep clean keeps giving back, too, because it makes your entire home a better place to be for everyone.

Here are a few more reasons to choose Rosie for a deep clean for your home.

House Cleaning gives Mom more time to relax.
Moms get little if any time to themselves. They take care of everyone else, so unless you want to clean the house yourself, you should get her a maid service visit. You can give her a day of free time to do whatever she wants on her own. Now, that is a real gift.

House cleaning reduces Mom’s stress levels. 
Psychology research has shown that you reduce your stress when you have a clean and uncluttered, organized environment. A deep clean lasts longer and that makes you feel better for longer.
Other psychology research shows that people feel happier and experience better health when their home is clean. People find it easier to relax and enjoy their home when it remains organized and clean. You can give this to your mom and provide extra relaxation for her.

House cleaning lasts longer than other gifts.
Flowers may die, and a bath bomb only lasts for one soak, but you can have Rosie deep clean the house. That will last, and help your mom or spouse keep the home clean longer. A deep clean makes everyday cleaning easier for a couple of weeks. 

Save your mother from having to spring clean her house. That’s a tedious job that she would love to avoid. Why let your mom scrub the toilet, clean the countertops, vacuum the carpet, and mop the floors? Give her Mother’s Day off and have us visit to clean for her in the coming weeks and months, too.

Schedule Mom’s cleaning by calling 805-242-8894

May 9th is right around the corner. Schedule her first house cleaning now or purchase a gift certificate for her so she can schedule it to her convenience.

Give Mom a cleaner, healthier home. It may not seem like the romantic gift if you’re her spouse, but if you have small children, keeping the home clean and safe matters even more. Invest in your mother’s health or that of the mother of your children. 

We offer the following cleaning services:

Call 805-242-8894 or fill out our quote form. We can help you set up your mom with a single house cleaning or a bi-weekly cleaning. Have Rosie’s Cleaning service provide your mother with a clean house today! It is a gift she will love since the house stays clean while she gets an entire day to herself. That’s two gifts in one!

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!  

Rosie and Team
Phone / TXT 805-242-8894 

p.s. As a resource to you, we will recommend local area partners that we feel may be of value to you.  If you are moving in or out of Santa Barbara and need the help of a moving team, contact Casey at – The Careful Movers.  If you recently had one of your home appliances stop working, call our trusted appliance repair partner Burt Yost

Call to schedule your cleaning 805-242-8894

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