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Don’t Be Afraid of Cleaning Up Those Halloween Party Messes!

Schedule your Halloween Party Clean up now before all the cleaning companies get booked up!  Rosie’s Cleaning is standing by to help!  Call Rosie’s Cleaning for help setting up or cleaning up your party! Mention Halloween Cleaning Code “SPIDERWEBS” for a special 10% discount.  Call (805-698-3132) or visit https://www.cleaningbyrosie.com today!

After your Halloween party, does it look like a horde of angry zombies invaded your house? Did the ghosts and goblins leave a trail of horror across your kitchen floor? Don’t be frightened; just call the cleaning professionals from Rosie’s. Our Santa Barbara cleaning experts can make short work of even the toughest of messes with our after-party cleaning service. If you are tackling the mess yourself, here are some tips from Rosie to make your job easier:

  • Candy: If the not-so-friendly ghosts left sticky candy everywhere you can clean it up with of mixture of one cup of lukewarm water and one teaspoon of detergent. Dip a cloth in the solution and use it to gently blot the stain.
  • Pumpkin: If there is more jack-o-lantern on the floor than in the pumpkin, mix up a solution of dishwashing liquid and water, and use it to clean up the mess before the ants find it.Rosie's Cleaning Service - Halloween
  • Toilet Paper: You’ll need to clean up this neighborhood prank before it rains or the sprinklers come on, or you will have a real nightmare on your hands. Pull down whatever is in reach and throw it in large garbage bag. For toilet paper that is stuck up high in your trees, you can wrap a long stick in duct tape (sticky side out) to help pull it down.
  • Eggs: We’re not sure why kids think egging a house is such fun, but it can sure make a mess for the homeowner. Get out the garden hose and spray off as much of the egg as you can. Then make a mixture of half water and half vinegar. Soak a rag in there and then apply it to any eggs that are stuck to the surfaces of the house for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Wine: If the adults had too much fun and your carpet looks like a blood-stained mess with all the wine stains, you can mix four cups of lukewarm water with one-quarter teaspoon of liquid dish-washing detergent. Pour a small amount on the stain and work the solution into it with a gentle blotting motion. Then use another clean cloth and water to blot the spill again and remove any reminders of the stain.

Keep our cleaning experts in mind for all your holiday entertaining needs. Our Santa Barbara maid service is available for residential cleaning, food preparation and service, and party cleaning service. When your home needs a place lift, contact Rosie’s Cleaning Service!

Happy Halloween!


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About Rosie’s Cleaning Service: Rosie’s Cleaning Service has been the Santa Barbara cleaning experts since 1990. Services include residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, after party cleaning, post-construction clean-up service, and vacation rental clean-up service. Visit the website at https://www.cleaningbyrosie.com to download a complimentary copy of the PDF, “The Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose Rosie’s Cleaning.” “Like” the Facebook page to receive Santa Barbara cleaning tips. Call 805-698-3132 for a quick quote on Santa Barbara maid service.

Rosie's Cleaning Service - Halloween
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  1. Halloween parties can really be very messy. The day after Halloween can sometimes cause headaches in addition to a hangover. The tips mentioned above are very helpful and very practical. All you’ll need is to get up from your bed and be determined enough to clean the mess. The sooner it is the better so that the stains won’t be harder to remove.

  2. You don’t have to break the bank just to clean up after Halloween. The practical solutions mentioned above usually require items that can be found inside of your house. If you need to buy from a convenience store, you don’t have to shell out an expensive amount. The important thing is that you should start cleaning the morning after and not waste time because the longer it gets, the harder it will be to clean up.

  3. When you throw a Halloween party at your house, make sure you know the consequences afterwards. Dirt, stain and different kinds of mess might appear the morning after Halloween. Don’t let this discourage you from throwing another house party. All you need to do is apply the above-mentioned tips and you’re good to go. If the cleaning problem is too much to handle, it would be best to contact a professional cleaning service such as Rosie’s!

  4. Nobody wants to wake up on the day after Halloween filled with chores to do. Cleaning up might such be a drag for some people, especially after a party. What do you expect? Parties are supposed to be fun and sometimes you can’t keep people from thrashing your house while they’re having fun. It’s great that this post mentioned the different tips in handling different kinds of mess. This should be bookmarked on anyone’s browser!

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